Avantii's apparel is designed and tested in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with a specific goal; Creating Quality, functional, lasting fabric that is both fitting, yet breathable, in a manor that is sustainable and ethically derived.

We meet this goal by putting fourth a manufacturing & sourcing business model that focus's on these 3 things: THE PLANET, REDUCING WASTE, & REDUCING CARBON EMISSIONS

How we've implemented this approach, is by using a hybrid made-to-order/bulk warehouse product system. We choose this system for this specific reason; In traditional retail stores, large quantity bulk orders exceed market demand, and therefore, around 85% of all textiles used end up in landfills, making it a major contributor to environmental damage. By choosing to shop with us, you are choosing a more sustainable choice in apparel.
Since our system primarily focuses on fulfilling orders when a customer buys them, we produce less waste than traditional retail stores, and only warehouse the products customers actually want, leaving almost zero in excess product waste ending up in landfills.
In order to reduce our carbon emission output, our manufactures are spread out across the United States, From California to North Carolina, giving us access to the products we need, on an order processed basis, in an efficient, and carbon reducing way.

We believe in taking action when it comes to reducing our impact, and pride ourselves in our customers having the same ideals.


Avantii has partnered with manufactures that focus on responsible production on the basis of environmental adherence.

Almost all the printers used in the production process of our apparel are energy-efficient; using less electricity, water, and chemicals than standard industry printers. The DTG technology used in our production process works with inkjet technology: the water-based ink is sprayed onto the garment, helping the ink soak in better. Any excess ink is disposed of using ink supplier guidelines, avoiding as much harm to the environment as possible.

Our primary method of printing used on our products is DTG, one of the most sustainable choices in apparel making in the industry.