Our Creation Released

Our Creation Released

Hey Fam,

We cannot begin to express our excitement about the release of this company and to put something out that’s different than anything on the market. In the creation of the company, we had a vision about the lifestyle and sensation that comes along with participating in the outdoors, and we wanted to be able to allow ourselves and the people using our threads to create overwhelming enjoyment in whatever they are doing. Our vision embraces the gratifying and uncontainable moments where one finds themselves in bliss. That physical and mental recognition when there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing, and one can feel beyond themselves in the presence of the natural world. Our mission is to create gear that helps you find these distinguished moments, no matter where they exist.

Often, we have understood that the lifestyles and demeanors surrounding the outdoor world seem to clash. The modern ways and means by which people participate in natural areas now come with friction in how they represent themselves in nature. In our perspective, finding those moments of bliss does not exclude any form of outdoor exploration and recreation. The only thing that matters to us is finding that moment. What we create helps you get there.

Again, we’re excited to be able to spread our gear that helps voice the importance of being outside and finding these moments. We’re always in the process of creating new and unique pieces that coincide with your outdoor life and were excited to be a part of it.  Feel free to email or comment with your stories and check the blog and website for updates! Don’t forget to use #FindYourMoment in your posts!

- Avantii Outerwear


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