The Foundations; Building a Lifestyle

The Foundations; Building a Lifestyle

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Nature has a place in each and everyone of us. Avantii has a goal of bringing that natural love for the outdoors out in every person who wears the brand. By bringing together the side of nature that is majestic and simplistic with the side that is harsh and unforgiving, creates a brand that prides itself in self exploration. In understanding what those who enter the outdoors seek within it, and expressing those fantasies and realities in a way that gives each person a small picture into how an individual seeks that natural drive within.

Having been blessed with the ability to explore some of the most beautiful and untouched wilderness in the country within Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the experiences it has provided, has planted the idea of expressing that natural beauty to all through clothing. Avantii believes that everyone who has a connection with nature should be able to express their experience to all those around them. Giving functional, modern clothing to those who see nature as it should be is key to Avantii’s vision.

Avantiis goal is to bring this out, and produce a brand that induces both those who view outdoor recreation as a fantasy, and those who live within it everyday. To build a brand that is rooted in the lifestyle it conveys.

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